September 13, 2009

Sweet Autumn

I love the smell of this clematis. I have three of these trellis on this wall with the Sweet Autumn in the middle and Jack Mani on the other two. But, the Sweet Autumn is choking the other two out. It grows all over the place and I cut it down to the ground every fall. I'm going to grow lots of this on the privacy fence.

Ok...had to go about this a bit differently. I had to add to the canvas size on the background layer and then added the stroke and shadow on the second layer. Anyway, I got the shadow to work but needed to add more to the stroke. I'll get it some day...LOL..
This is it for tonight....headed for bed.
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  1. This is beautiful.
    When I do mine this way I do it a bit strange.
    I do 2 add to canvas size on layers and the shadow goes on a layer and no stroke.

  2. Thank you..I'm still not understanding how you do this but will. What do you mean there is no stroke? I put my shadow on its on layer and that is where I warp it but its adding to the canvas size is where I have trouble.

  3. I add a layer under my photo add 1 inch to the top and bottom of the canvas fill with white.
    Select this add another layer under this feather selection around 3.2 or so.This is the shadow layer so fill with black warp and so on.
    Add another layer at the bottom add 2 inches to the top and bottom of canvas and fill with white. Why 2 inches ...... I don't know that's just what I did. It does give room to add a date or name a flower if I want.

  4. I don't understand the part about putting another layer under the white layer and feathering it. I'll see if I can figure it out another brain is too tired now.

  5. I feather the selection and fill with black and that is my shadow on a layer under the white border. That's how I make most of my shadows.



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