September 21, 2009

My try

I took this shot last week and you are right they are hard. Can't get what my eyes see. Wish I had moved back a little.
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  1. Ok...I'm signed in this time....maybe this is what I'm doing wrong...will sign in from now on. I posted a comment to this on Tuesday morning but, since it disappeared, I'll comment again..LOL
    I like this capture of yours better than mine because the rays show up better. Maybe yours was brighter to begin with or I needed to adjust my raw file differently but I like how we think alike! Both of us capturing the rays or at least trying to. We will keep at this...and eventually we will get some very good, if not great, images!

  2. I haven't seen anything comments from you since the 16th until today.
    I think I have a few more shots like this in my files someplace.

  3. I'm going to remember to sign in before I comment from now on. I'm thinking that is the reason my comments aren't always showing up. You could post some more of them....



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