September 30, 2009


At the market they called this an Apple Dumpling Gourd. I haven't made up my mind if I'm going to cook and eat or just look at it.
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  1. I buy carnival squash and use them for decoration and then bake them after the season is over. Bill and I really like them baked with brown sugar, butter and almonds on them.

    Another great image.

  2. BTW...who is standing in the background? It's raining today...I'm off to the dentist and got my fingers crossed that the rain quits before I get home. I've still got some outdoor work I need to get done. I got a flu shot on Tuesday and it made me sick to my stomach on Wed. so I didn't get much done.

  3. I remember you posted a picture of your cooked squash and it look good.
    Brent was working on the compost when I took it.
    It has been raining and cold here most of the week. So far it looks pretty good today.



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