September 18, 2009

Fall Beauty

The Asters have started blooming this week. I think they are really pretty but they don't seem to last very long. As you can see, I still have some coneflower too. I'm sure glad its Friday..its been a long, long week.
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  1. Thanks! They are about gone now...they don't last very long...reminds me of tulips....pretty but short lived. I broke down and bought some mums even through I said I wasn't going to buy any this year...LOL...will take some pictures when they get in full bloom.
    Forgot to tell you...I'm on vacation next week. Have a full week of stuff to get done but hope to spend a little time with my camera too. Weekend after next, we are going to Jim's and I'm meeting Jack in Lexington on Sat. and we are going to take images of the Apple festival there. I'm hoping he will help me with my metering.

  2. What you learn from Jack I hope you pass along.

  3. Of course, I'll pass it on. So far, all I've learned from him was that I need to compose better...LOL....but then I already knew that. I also learned that my Diffuser is the best money I've spent.



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