November 19, 2009

After the Rain

A shot I got this morning. The fog lifted before I got out there, so this shot isn't as good as I imagined. I'm going to send it in for my assignment and if it gets a bad grade, I'm giving up and moving on. I'm tired of not getting images that are 'correct'...I'm going back to shooting images for my pleasure only!
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  1. I like this images. It's more fun shooting for your own pleasure. Makes a world of differece.

  2. I sent this image in but haven't heard from Peter as of yet. I'll let you know how he reacts to it. I'm thinking it should have been clearer but my wide angle lens is just my kit lens and its not the sharpest. I did use my tripod but didn't use manual focus or the self timer. I can't see well enough to do manual and I just forgot about the self timer.

  3. You'll get a good grade on it.
    Do you not have a cable-reliase (remote switch)?
    I use mine anytime my camera is on a tripod.
    About the only time I use manual focus is doing
    a macro shot. That I can see.

  4. Heck yes...but do I think about using it? Nope...I even have a wireless remote for the a700 and I haven't even tried it out yet. My hands were freezing this morning (forgot the gloves). We had ice on steps, bridges and heavy frost on lots of stuff.

  5. Tie it to you tripod.LOL
    I just always grab the remote when I grab the tripod.
    Or if I have my bag with me it's in it.

  6. Well.....I did have it with me...its always in the bag and 90% of the time the bag is with me. I've got to where I leave the tripod in the back of the truck....might have to start leaving the cable remote there too. The remote would sure make it easier to take vertical shots...I feel like I'm standing on my head for those. LOL



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