November 14, 2009

Last of the Fall Colors

One of the shots I got last week on my photo walk. I'm about ready to put my camera's up on Ebay....I get so frustrated and wish I'd stuck with my point and shoot and never read a single photo least then I was clueless as to how bad my shots were. Now, I continually critic my own photos and feel like I've lost the joy of my hobby. I want to get back to taking shots and loving them....just for myself! I'm just getting depressed now....winter is setting in and I'm not ready! LOL
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  1. What has made you feel this way????
    This shot is good.
    Focus looks good...Exposure looks right.
    Rulles of thirds OK.....Nice diagonal lines...
    Nicely composed.
    What's the problem?????
    I see no reason not to love this shot.

  2. I don't know...its just discouraging to go out and only come home with only one or two worthy images. I do believe the low grade on my Black and White image has really deflated me...I keep telling myself its not that low of a grade but I can't help stinks and I don't like it. I changed the photo that I sent in and now I'm kicking myself for it. I should have sent the one that I posted on here...even if the sun rays were blown out, at least the building was composed in the rule of thirds. The image I sent in wasn't composed properly but it didn't have the blown rays. I should have stuck with the first one. Please go check the PP...I posted a couple images in the B/W section under Missouri Courthouse and give me your 'honest' opionion on either of them. I've wrote to Peter to see if I can re-submit but haven't heard back yet.



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