November 22, 2009

Another Vignette

With the elliptical marquee click in center of image hold the control and ault keys as you drag the selection into the shape you want. Inverse....Feather ( I did 20 depends on size of image) on a new layer fill selection with black or color you want. You can also do a levels adjustment on the selection to make darker on the image layer. I tried that but I didn't like it.
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  1. I just watched a video that kind of followed these same lines early this morning. I just now got sat down. I've been busy all day and am officially done with outdoor decorations and my leaves are all picked up, gardens are cleaned out (except for a few plants that are still blooming)and yard has been mowed for the last time this year. I didn't get anywhere near the stuff done that I wanted to get done during this 2 week vacation and this is the last day...its back to work tomorrow for 3 days and then I have 2 days off for Thanksgiving before the Christmas rush. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it through the peak season without any snow or ice....the last 2 peaks have been murder...snow just really puts a stop to us delivering and then we get so far behind we can't catch up. That's all I want for Christmas...NO SNOW OR ICE!

  2. No snow or ice.

    I like this one the best for a vignette but the other one is how I do it to put an inner shadow when I put a frame above my image.



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