November 21, 2009

Foggy Saturday Morning

Christmas lights are up, going to put on the finishing touches this am and then pick up the last of the leaves in the yard. It was 'smack in your face' foggy this morning and I got out with the camera again. I'm going to post a few that I do like. This one, I know the light is blown but I still like it.
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  1. This wasn't here when I checked earlier.
    I like this one too and so what if the lite is blown.....Could you just select the blown area and tone it down some?
    It was foggy here this morning too but I didn't go out.
    Looking forward to see more.

  2. Hummm...will give that a try later on today...I never even thought about just selecting the light. I also want to try a bit of sepia on it, just can't right now or my work won't get done today...course, I've already procrastinated most of the morning away...

  3. Don't know if it will work or not but worth a try.



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