November 21, 2009

Poor Man's HDR...LOL

Playing around love this image but not necessarily the processing...LOL..just liked how it made the fog look like blue smoke! Got to get off here...all for to be done!
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  1. Don't know what poor man's HDR is but I like the shot. Wish there had been some fog in front of the Church.

  2. Taking a break to eat a bite of Mac and Cheese....poor man's HDR is using Camera RAW to make it look like HDR. You expose it correctly (if it didn't happen in camera) and then you raise the fill light, vibrance and recovery all the way to 100. Then, adjust the blacks to your liking. I guess instead of saying Poor Man's HDR, I should have said Lazy Man's HDR because you don't shoot several exposures and blend them together. There was a bit of fog in front of the church but my processing kind of elimated it. I'm going to start shooting completely with my wide angle kit lens until I figure it completely out and then move on to another one. I think the wide angle will be the next lens I replace since I use it the most. I'd like to have a faster one and a bit more on the wide end. Just too expensive for my budget, I need to learn to use the tools I have now before I move on.

    Thanks for the kudos. I like how it looks like you are walking up the steps to the church.



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