November 21, 2009


My favorite image of the day...I'd like to have stayed and took a few more but it was early and the dogs were raising a ruckus! Didn't want anyone to call the cops on a prowler! LOL

And, yes, the sun is a bit blown....can't figure out how to avoid it.
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  1. We must be posting at the same time.
    I can see why it's your favorite image of the day.
    Question for you what did you meter on?

  2. Good question....I just pointed the camera at the sky and shot...I did have to manual focus this one cause my AF wouldn't work and I didn't get it focused quite right. I had my glasses on instead of my contacts and I don't see as well in the viewfinder. I had read before I went out that you need to up the EV like you do for snow so that the fog is white enough but it really blew the sun then so on this one, I didn't up it. This image was shot at f11, 1/160. I'm thinking (could be wrong!) if I metered off the dock, the sky and sun would have really blown then.

  3. What would have happened if you had metered of the sun and then underexposed? Don't know just throwing questions and ideas out.

  4. I did meter pretty close to the sun...probably about straight up from the left post on the dock. It's pretty easy to get to, so I'll give it another try on the next foggy morning. do you put a vignette around a photo?



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