April 2, 2010

More Pink Tulips

More Tulips.....It got up to 85° today and I have been at it all day.
I'm beat....going to go put my feet up.
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  1. Oh WOW! This is beautiful....I especially love the one of the center of the tulip but like your prospective on the bottom too.....lovely shots, Nita!

    We worked on the front yard for about 2 hours and then one hell of a storm came up....blew out large tree limbs and pushed the privacy fence over about 3 inches. Bill thinks we can fix it pretty easy but its going to take us a week to pick up all the debris in the yard. There is a huge pine tree down the street from us...about two properties away...it cleared all the pine cones out of the tree and tossed them in our yard. Bill and I raked for about an hour and only got half the front yard done. Not what we had on our plans for Friday at all! Now, its cooler today and I'm headed to the city. Hope to be back by early afternoon so I can clear out a few more flower beds and mow yard.



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