April 12, 2010

New Spring...

I'm not sure what I did but I posted this last night and it disappeared. Maybe I just dreamed that I posted it...LOL....
We are finally in full Spring now. I can't believe how much opened up this weekend. It's like everything that had been asleep all winter, decided to wake up at the same time. The world is once again, beautiful!
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  1. No you didn't dream it....It got hit by the fast clicker....LOL

    Awesome image. Colors are prefect.

  2. Thank you! You always make me feel so good about an image I take. I shot about a dozen that morning and this one and one more were all that wowed me. I'm such a slow learner! Course, it would help if I practiced more...LOL..
    The sun was hitting the blossoms just right and the sky was a beautiful blue. All it took was me holding the camera still....now that was a huge challenge!

  3. I do believe you had to do more than just hold the camera still. What about focus & exposure?



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