April 5, 2010

Spring Thunderhead

I love taking photos of these clouds. There is just something about a huge white thunderhead against a blue sky that is mesmerizing to me. Took this yesterday and will probably see them again today as we have severe weather in the forecast for this afternoon. We worked most all weekend in the yard. After our 15 minutes of hurricane winds on Good Friday, the rest of the weekend turned out real nice. We got the lawn all mowed and fertilized and I got some of the mums and pampas grass cut back. I've still got lots of cleaning to do. Christmas is officially over here in Missouri now...got the last of the Christmas decorations taken down and put away on Sunday morning. LOL....this was a first for us...we NEVER have lights up after the end of January, let alone the end of March...a sign of how severe our winter was here. We got the front yard tilled up and seeded down but the storm interfered with the side yard work. If we had had one more hour before the storm, we would have got that side done too. It's suppose to be nice next weekend, so hope to get it done before we have to leave for Gavin's birthday party.
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  1. I made a comment on this yesterday but not sure what happened to it.
    This is a great image Mary.
    Love the color.



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