April 15, 2010

Waking Up.

Hummmm....when I click on new post, I have to delete your signature...what's up with that? Anyway, took this quickly this am cause I wanted to catch it as it was emerging. I got home last night and noticed that it was covered with buds and it was waking up this morning. Love this tree! It's not real sharp but was pretty windy and I didn't want to wait.

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  1. Sorry about that,I was trying to follow the instruction to get it to post on all of my posts. I'll take care of it. I was afraid it wouldn't work since there is two of us posting even though the instructions said it would.
    This is a great image too. What kind of tree is it?

  2. I figured that was what you were trying to do.....I just copy/paste the HTML from my text document. It would be nice if it would add it automatically.

    The tree is a crabapple but I'm not sure which one. I have two, this one is pale pink and the other is bright pink. The bright pink hasn't bloomed out yet...probably in the next couple of days.


  3. I admire so much those who can garden. Some day I will learn!

  4. Cindy, gardening is a treat and extremely easy to learn....and so rewarding when you see your first bloom. Nothing relaxes me more than getting dirt under my fingernails! I dream of Spring all winter long. Dive in and plant your dreams!



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