April 10, 2010

Spring Time Mosaic

Went back through my pictures and pulled out a few that says Spring Is Here. I normally like the nice bright colors of Spring but I decided to tone them down some by giving this a vintage look by adding an overlay from Florabella.
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  1. Love those egg candles! And the fat bunny, of course, but I've told you that before. You are a bit ahead of us in the Spring category. We're getting there but slower. I did notice the Bradfords are getting close to blooming and the Magnolias are on their final hurrah's. I need to get a shot of them. They have really been full of blooms this year and the frost hasn't wiped them out. I haven't had the camera outside much this Spring cause its always been windy. Nice collage!

  2. Several of this images are old one from previous years so we might not be as far ahead of you as you think.
    It got up to almost 90° a couple of days last week now it's back down to normal.



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