April 24, 2010

Spring Tulips 2010

Captured these one morning, heading for work. We have a garden in the middle of an intersection that the master gardeners maintain and I just happened to drive down this road while cutting around some traffic congestion. I'm always forgetting about it cause it's on a road I don't travel on much. Anyway, took these and a few more and will post as I work them up. I thought I'd get back over there the next morning, earlier, but forgot. They would look better if the sun was not as high as it was on this day.
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  1. Lovely composition and color. I think your DOF is perfect for this image. Background out of focus but just the right amount that you can still see the red tulips.
    Great job. I think the sun is fine but that's jmo.

  2. Thank you! I value your opinion and like getting it. I hope you've got your cleaning done...I've missed you. It's raining today...rained yesterday...suppose to rain tomorrow...ugh! I so wanted to work outside this weekend. Oh, well!

  3. Your Welcome.
    When you do good work it's nice to have some one tell you.
    Haven't been cleaning much just trying to maintain. I've have company here since Wednesday. Zach,Jessi,Jason & Vickie. Did a lot of cooking. Everyone went home about an hour ago and I'm beat.



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