April 3, 2008

Day 47

I don't know if I've ever shown this to you but just in case I haven't, here it is. No, I did not make this, it was a gift from my dear GD's. It is on my stereo cabinet under my B/W picture wall. I wish I knew how to do this. I saw a sampler at Harvest Moon that would have matched it but by the time I decided to buy it, it was gone. I'm learning that if there is something at that store that I like, I'd better get it quick. They don't get many any of each thing and the good stuff goes real fast.
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  1. I like this. Would be glad to show you how to do it....LOL

  2. Ok. That settles it. I've be on the next flight out on Sat. morning. I'll just buy the supplies in WV.



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