April 28, 2008

Day 72

In the background...took this on Sunday when Darby and I went to the State Park and explored one of the walking trails. We had a blast and plan on checking out another trail soon. She is quite the explorer and not afraid of anything.
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  1. Cute idea for in the background. Is that a red bud tree?

  2. Not sure what was going on but my Day 72 post and this comment showed that they were done by you and I was logged on with my name and password. Went back and change the post but didn't fool with the comment.

  3. Yes, it is a red bud tree...we were walking on Red Bud Trail.

    That would be my fault....about the 72 post. I thought I'd clicked on the comment screen but clicked on edit instead and typed my message and then clicked on post. Only after it posted did I notice what I'd done and had to click on edit again to erase my comment and put it in the correct comment field.



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