April 15, 2008

Day 59

Solitary? This is the day...they are coming to lay the tile. I'm still debating on painting the trim white. If it weren't for the windows, I would do it but I just stained and varnished them about 3 years ago and hate to have to sand them down to paint them. The trim on the floor would be pretty easy cause its not as 'shiny' since I've not varnished it in a long, long time. Oh, well...will probably just sand it all lightly and give it a coat of varnish and put it back up. I got my new bi-fold door but haven't got it stained yet. Will work on it this weekend after Bill gets it cut to fit the opening. Do you think I need to paint the red wall one more time? I see brush strokes and that bugs me.
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  1. Do you think it would look weird if the baseboard was white and the trim around the windows was stained?

  2. If you see brush strokes and it is buging you....Yes paint it one more time....You will never be happy if you don't....LOL....
    No I don't think it would look weird.



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