April 20, 2008

Day 64

I finally got my assignment 5 sent in again. I went back to take the same shot of the mail box but they have a awning out now and it makes a shadow right across the middle of it. So I decided to send this one in instead. I hope all of the one I sent are better this time.
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  1. I think this is BEAUTIFUL! Surely you got a great grade this time. I've got to get my lesson done soon. It's suppose to be nice here this weekend (subject to change, as usual) and if I get the doors stained and varnished, I might go out on Sunday and work on this lesson. We've got a wedding to go to on Sat. evening with a cookout afterwards. I'm sure it will be a late night and I'm sure the yard will need mowed. Maybe I can get that done 'between' the stain and the varnish.



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