April 24, 2008

Day 68

Took this on my way to work. It's the beautiful Magnolia trees in front of our local junior college. The sky was this blue and the sun was shining. This am is not so pretty...heavy rain during the night and its cloudy now. I'm glad I got this taken yesterday. We haven't had pretty Magnolias for the past few years because of the late freezes and frost.
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  1. We've had perfect wheather.It did get a little on the hot side yesterday. I didn't know this was a Magnolia tree until you told me the other day. I have seen this one a lot just never tried to find out it's name.The one I'm familiar with has the hugh white flowers and the dark green shiny leaves with brown on the under side.

  2. We have white, pink and a hot pink around here. They are so beautiful right now and that is so unusual. I didn't realize we had this many in town cause the frost or freezes usually get them right as they bloom or before. I wanted to stop after work and bring a branch home to take a macro picture but was afraid to walk into someones yard to ask...LOL



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