April 12, 2008

Day 56

Here is my backside shot. Will not really mine but you know what I mean. Not very creative but it's ok. No rain here today and it isn't as warm only around 60°.
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  1. Cute little backside. 60's? We haven't been out of the 40's except one day and it made it to the 50's and rained. Calling for 24 on Monday morning...there goes what little bloom we do have. My daffodils are just now blooming out and the forsythia is blooming around the college. No blooms on my bushes but they are pretty little and had to struggle to survive once I transplanted them..LOL

  2. We had several days this week that was almost 70. My hostas are up about 2 inches. Really almost everthing I have planted is up. It does this every year warms up enough to get everything growing good and then the frost comes along and gets it.

  3. My hosta hasn't even started yet. I do have some plants up, the stella's and daylillies mainly. Iris and clematis. Our trees have little buds but no greenery yet and the shrubs are just starting to show a bit of color. Walking through the woods yesterday, we could see a few wild flowers just peeking out. Last year, at this time, the woods were full of wildflowers in bloom but not this year.



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