July 28, 2009

2009 Hydrangea

Almost missed this at it's prime. The colors had just started to fade down. I kept walking past it when I was outdoors and thinking I should go in and grab the camera but would get sidetracked doing something else. I think of all my hydrangea's, this is my favorite one.
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  1. These posts are all about the same color.
    Wish mine was this big.

  2. Hummm...guess you know what I like in flowers, huh? I've always been particularly fond of pinks, blues and yellows in my flower beds. I do have a little red and orange but not much. I think of them as hot colors and I want cool colors to cool me down. This is a pretty small plant and usually only has two blooms on it. But, they are always this bright pink. I like how it fades down into a antique pink look. I'll try and remember to get an image of it when it fades.



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