July 31, 2009

Cone Flower & Bumble Bee

All of my flowers look awful. It has been the strangest summer and I'm sick of rain. I hate to see summer end but I'm ready for fall so I can see some pretty color.
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  1. We are getting a good shower this morning. We got an inch and a half last Wed. but it came in about 30 minutes so all it did was clean out the gutters and ditches. I mowed last night and we set the last post for the rest of the privacy fence. We hope to finish it up on Sunday if the girls allow us to. My flowers aren't looking the best either..just a strange summer. At least we aren't burnt up and I'm thankful for that! And the weather has been super to work in...nice and cool. A lot of folks aren't even running their AC. We aren't one of those folks...LOL

  2. By the way...like how you are making your images look like pictures with shadows.



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