July 24, 2009


I know this isn't a razzle dazzle but I like it. Mine are starting to go to seed now and the yellow finch love them.
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  1. Razzmatazz....LOL...not razzle dazzle! I've about lost mine. It is too crowded in the bed and it doesn't get enough sunlight. Plus, with all the rain, it was turning black from fungus. I cut it back and its just now coming out of it. Only has 3 blooms and they are real small. Not anything like the big blooms I had last year. Next year, I'm going to plant quite a few of them in front of the privacy fence. Ok, how did you take this one? Did you take out the background or was this background in front of the flower?

  2. I knew it had a bunch of zzzzz in it.
    I had a piece of black poster paper...behind....the flower then in PS I added a texture on a layer above the flower tha did a layer mask to mask the texture off the flower.

  3. Hi Nita,

    Hopefully I am doing this right, I love the Corn flower.



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