July 7, 2009

Post 304

A shot of the Hosta blooms. A little clipping on the tops of the flowers but I like it fine.

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  1. This is so funny....you must have taken this about the same time I took mine. I just haven't had time to work them up yet. I like the hosta flowers before they open but not always after they have opened up. Some are prettier then others. But, I do love hosta! I plan on putting lots along the privacy fence. Oh, did I tell you we got that built? It's awesome and I wonder why I didn't build it years ago. It's cedar and smells so good plus it makes my backyard look so much better since I don't have to look at the junkyard next door anymore. Gives my flower pics much better backgrounds.

  2. I took this one on Sunday,just now getting around to doing anything with it. It's about time to cut all the blooms off. I think the start to look messy after awhile.
    No you didn't tell me you had the fence done.
    Glad you like it.



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