July 29, 2009

Tiny Pink Rose

I really like these Knock Out Roses when they are first blooming out. I don't really care for the blooms at full bloom but the buds excite me. I don't have any blooms right now since I deadheaded them last weekend. But, there are a few buds, so will have more blooms soon. We got an inch and a half of rain yesterday and we were really needing it. I'm not sure I like the composition of this photo. The leaf is distracting to me. I'll have to try again once they bloom out again.
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  1. You are to picky. Love the color.
    Have no idea what a Knock Out Rose is.

  2. They are a hedge type rose that blooms all summer long. I have red and pink in front of the garage. I like the double knock out blooms best but mine are just the singles. The double knock outs have more petals.



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