July 24, 2009


We took a short trip to the Ohio Amish country the other day and I snapped this shot in the flower garden of a gift shop. Love the way the petals look painted.
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  1. Beautiful! You are right, they do look painted. This one would be pretty with that textured stuff we used to do but I forgot how and can't even remember what I used to do it with. Something you pointed out to me and I downloaded. Hummm...need to look for that. I did my gerbera daisy with it.

  2. I added a texture to the coneflower and the cherry shots but I felt the background was to busy in this one.

  3. You are probably right! Plus it would take away from the contrast between the sunflower and those purple 'whatever they are' flowers. I really like this one...my fav of the bunch.

  4. The purple is (Echinops)or Globe Thistle.
    This is my least fav of the three. The cherry is my fav.
    My, how our tastes of started to change.

  5. Wow...I hope this won't effect our friendship. I didn't realize our taste were changing that much. I've always been a super fan of sunflowers, so guess that is why this is my fav.



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