July 29, 2009

Privacy at last!

Finally....I don't have to look at the neighbors anymore...I can't believe how much nicer this makes my portion of the world look. Wish I'd done it a long time ago. Now to get started planting my border bed....I'm going to be able to fill it with sun and shade plants. I've been 'mapping' out the times of day that its in sun or shade. Mostly the east and west ends are in sun most of the day and the middle is in shade all day. I'll be super busy next Spring getting it all ready and planting it. This is it for today...need to get to work!

Forgot to add....the aroma is so awesome...love that cedar smell!
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  1. I didn't get an e-mail telling me you had posted.
    Just came on to post a few myself but I will wait, don't want to push yours down. Good looking fence. Has your neighbor thrown rocks at the other side yet?

  2. I don't think it ever send an email when a new post goes up..only when a comment is posted. Anyway, that is the only ones I get in my email. The first weekend, her boys had a party and they threw all their beer cans and bottles over the fence into my yard and pissed in my shrub border. It makes me want to comment a crime against them but I'm not that type of person but I do get mad.



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