October 30, 2009

Black & White Halloween

Decorated a little different this year in spots. I really like this look.
Still used some of the old stand by orange & black too. Maybe next year I can find more black & white and I can forget the orange.
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  1. You are an incredible decorator. I didn't drag out a single Halloween or fall item. Just didn't seem to have the time or want to this year. I thought about my pumpkin once and that is the last I've thought about it till now. I love your B/W and the way you made this layout out of it all.

  2. Thank you.
    I got a new black ladder a couple of weeks ago for the sun room. Need to take a shot of it.
    I still need to get the furniture recovered and now I want to do the bathroom over. I'm tired of looking at the wall papper.

  3. I can't spell tonight.
    Going to go watch the game.



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