October 29, 2009

Halloween Treats 2009

Here they are....I didn't get a very good image and I've already dropped them all off at Jerri Ann's. They did turn out cute through. The bluish ribbon is really purple but it looks blue in this photo. The graphics are by Daisy CO. and the kit was made by Sandy Osborn. I really like these little boxes but which they had fit the candy bars better. I miss that about Lucille's templates. If she said the box was to fit 8 mini bars, they would have fit in it perfectly. The bars have lots of extra room in this box. Maybe if I'd used just the snack size bars, it would have been a better fit but I didn't have any.
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  1. Wow....How cute. You do nice work.
    I look at this set at Daisy but didn't get it.
    What did you use for the clear area of the boxes?

  2. Thank you...I really like making stuff like this, just wish I had more time to do it. Gavin called tonight and said the girls 'really' liked them but the boys weren't quite as impressed. I need to start finding more boy stuff.
    I buy those packages of clear report covers...then just cut them to fit the opening. One of the boys traded Gavin for his bugs....made Gavin happy cause he got 24 candy bars instead of his 12...LOL

  3. I will get me some the next time I'm out.
    I used an old cigerate wrapper a long time ago but I don't have any of those anymore....LOL



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