October 6, 2009

Lexington Court House

The Civil War was fought in Lexington, Missouri in 1861. One cannon ball hit the court house and is still embedded in the pillar. This court house is the oldest building still being used west of the Mississippi River. It was in beautiful shape when I saw it. I'd like to have been able to go inside but it wasn't open the day we were there. This is a beautiful city with some awesome old homes in it. Some day, I'm going back just to take photos.
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  1. Sorry! When I checked this morning you hadn't posted this. Checked back later but didn't have time to comment.
    This is a great images. Love the compostion and detail. Looks nice and sharp. They don't build buildings like the use to. Nice work.
    Just finished dinner. We have worked out back for the last 2 days clearing off the big flower bed under the tree. Nasty job but I hope it makes it easier to take care of nest summer.

  2. Thanks...I'm not sure about my B/W conversion but it was the best I could come up with. I really liked how the angles came out in this.



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