October 25, 2009

Fall 2009

Can you believe it? The first time we have seen the sun in almost a week and I'm stuck in the house working on Halloween stuff for Gavin's classmates! It was a perfect fall day...60 degrees, calm wind and full sunshine. Our foliage was starting to get absolutely stunning on Tuesday and then we got 3 inches of rain on Wed. and Thurs. Took care of most of those colorful leaves! Bill bagged leaves for about 2 hours and I worked on boxes. On Sat. night we went to a Halloween party. We had lots of fun and stayed out way too late. It was 1:30 when we got to bed and my internal clock went off at 6:30...ugh...
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  1. Hope you got the boxes done. Nice shot.

  2. Not yet....have got 24 finished and have 8 more to go. I ran out of ink in the Epson and had to order...it 'should' be here today. I made up 21 for Gavin's class, 3 for the gals at my beauty shop, one for my cleaning lady, 3 for the grands up north and 4 for the kids that come on Halloween. I've got the bars all wrapped and ready for the boxes when my ink gets here. Plus, I need to do something for the teacher. I was going to do a jar but there are none to buy in this town or Chillicothe. Might have to use a quart can.
    BTW...I didn't do so good on my B/W submission. Only got 70%. I guess I'll be re-shooting it. Mostly, he said I didn't use the rule of third..my barn divided my image in half. He did a crop of it and it did look better his way. He says I should have used a filter.

  3. What kind of jars are you looking for?
    I thought you said that one of the new rules was that you couldn't resubmit your submissions.
    Did you know that a good way to check for thirds is to turn your grid on and change your prefereces for the grid line 33.3 percent?
    I think he is just a tad to picky but I guess you need to be when you are teaching.It feels good to be able to take a shot the way I want not how someone else wants......LOL

  4. I was looking for the Ball Elite...they are 1/2 pint, I believe or they might be whole pint but they are short and round.

    No, I didn't know about the new rule but you are probably right. I thought the rule of thirds was good...I had the building in the third but since it was a black and white, he thought it divided the photo in half with the dark building and bright sky and grass. Oh, well...I doubt if I get the class done anyway. I think my 2 years is up next month. I'll just have to learn on my own.

  5. What are you doing with the jars?

    You are the one that told me about the new class rules several months ago and that was what I thought you said. No matter I'm done.
    My final grade was 91.11. He had something negative to say about all of my last lesson.

  6. LOL...I did? Boy, is my brain going! It's no wonder I can't remember how to do things in PS if I don't do it every day. I'll go see if I can find the rules again.

    I bought the kit from Sandy Osborn and it has labels for these jars and I was going to put candy in them. I'll post an image of the boxes when I get them all finished. Which is what I have to get done now....8 more to cut out and then assemble them and add the bows. I've got the bars all wrapped.



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