October 19, 2009

More of Lexington

Just another view of the Lexington courthouse. I'm trying to do the B/W adjustment myself but I'm not really liking the look yet. It seems to be missing the mark but I can't figure out where or what.
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  1. Nice shot. The lines at the bottom of the frame bothers me some. Not sure if it's a roof or ledge but it doesn't add to the shot so I would have cropped it out. As far as the B/W convertion I'm not much help. I like this shot but I like images with more contrast in them. More black,like the last one you sent in. This is JMO.

  2. That's conversion not convertion.

  3. That makes sense...I think if the sky had been stormier, it would have made a better shot. I wanted both of the clocks to be black but couldn't seem to get them that way. I might work on it some more. I debated about the ledge at the bottom and oppted to leave it be. Now I see it might be better without it.



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