October 14, 2009

Early Fall Sunrise in Black & White

I shot this a few weeks ago...I pass this old house every morning on my way to work and keep thinking I will capture it with the light shining through it but I'm too afraid to climb over the fence and capture it with the sun to my back. There are cows in this pasture and I'm a little leery about a bull being with them. I don't run too fast anymore....LOL.. Anyway, wondering what you think of this and if you think it would work for my B/W assignment.
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  1. I think it would work fine.
    It's an interesting shot and you have used framing and the rule of thirds quit nicely and the sun flare is great.
    But with that said,I'm not the teacher.....LOL

  2. Well, you have learned from the class...correct? LOL...I think I'll send this one in. Maybe it will inspire me to go to the next lesson.



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