February 21, 2010

10 inches plus

This has got to be the worst winter I can remember....I'm so sick of this white stuff. Bill is still outside (its almost 7 pm) trying to get as much cleared off as he can so we can get out in the morning to go to work. It's still coming down and the wind is blowing, so it will start drifting back. He looks so cold out there. The poor old Toro is probably about to lay down on us. It's 17 years old. We only use it to blow snow and mow the corner across the road. We want to buy a snow blower for the JD but its almost 4000.00 and we haven't got it saved up yet. Maybe by next winter. It's going to be a miserable day tomorrow....hopefully, they have the highways cleared at least. I just won't be traveling on the gravels or secondary blacktops. At least the sun is suppose to shine by Tues. or Wed.
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  1. He does look cold. Save your 4ooo.oo and retire and then you can stay in until it melts or shovel by hand for the exercise.
    It has been one nasty winter. It was an ok day yesterday but today it is raining and gloomy out. Really gray day.
    They have done good around here keeping the highways cleared.



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