February 27, 2010


Had to buy these when I saw them at the grocery yesterday. They can make me smile even when I'm looking out at the snow.
Is it ever going to quit????
Used several textures and overlays from FloraBella.
Staple from Shabby Princess.
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  1. This is so pretty....makes me regret my choice of postings....I'll hold off till tomorrow to post it. I love how you made the bottle fade into the background. I've always loved your still life's...you have the eye for them! I've looked at a few flowers at the store but none of them are pretty enough to bring home. I guess I need to go to the flower shop and check their selection. Beautiful image, Nita!

  2. You can post too....I don't mind as long as it's not snow....LOL I'm sure you have more than we do and we have plenty and it's still coming down.
    Glad you like the shot but it's still not what I want. Maybe someday.
    I also saw a small fern in a nice blue bowl that I want to go back for later. Hated to fill my buggy up with flowers instead of food.



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