February 2, 2010

Last of the sunroom images

The last of the images for now any way.
I still need to make a couple of toss pillows to match the chair seats and maybe a table runner.
I will probably pickup a few more of the yellow dishes to set around.

It's that little lamp and the table mat the cutest? Got the lamp at a local shop and picked the candle mat up on my trip last week-end in Washington Court House, Ohio.
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  1. WOW! I don't know where to start...I love it all! I really like how you are accenting the black with the yellow. That couch would look cool with yellow patterned toss pillows with the black ones. Don't you just love having new things! If it weren't for the work, I'd remodel every year...LOL...I really, really like the lamp and the book case. Is the book case like a step stool? I'm not sure how to describe what I'm asking...like does it look like it would fold together? That pineapple mat is too cool. Every since my DIL bought me the runner for my buffet, I've been in love with that type of mat.
    I found a picture that had that type of stitched image in it and it matched the runner perfectly. Did I buy it right then? Heck, no! And then when I went back to get it, it was gone. I thought it would be a cool look with my black framed photo wall. I keep looking, just in case I find one again.
    I've never seen the tables with the slate tops. They are stunning! Do you have any kind of curtains on all those windows or are they bare? I'd hate to cover them....defeat the purpose of a sun room....LOL
    I'm flying in this weekend to check out this cool room, sure hope you bought two coffee cups!

  2. I knew I'd hit the post before I was ready...I bought my MIL one of those frames a couple years ago and she loves it. I put all horizontal images on it and then I bought another card to put vertical ones on. I've not got the vertical ones done yet but I thought she could change the cards out and turn the frame for each one. Yours will look great with the blog post on it. I'm going to ask for one for myself for Christmas, some year....I never thought about putting it in a stand. That makes it look really cool. You are an awesome decorator!

  3. Is that the needlepoint you did on the table beside the lamp?

  4. Dang it!
    I wrote a book and it disappeared.
    I'm going to make the toss pillows out of the same material that I covered the chair seats with,but yellow would look good. I love that pineapple mat. I don't remember seeing a picture of the one your DIL got for you. Picture Please. I have made several mats in this style. Remember the bunny one that I posted?
    The bookshelf is made to lean against the wall no back legs like you would see in a library. I like it angled in the corner.
    No curtains....I'm just out there for all to see...LOL
    I bought the mat that is beside the lamp. It's rug hooked with yarn not wool. It was so cheap that it has to be machine made not by hand.

  5. I wouldn't want curtains either....just like looking at the great outdoors. Yes, I remember the bunny....I'll go in search of the photo that I posted of the runner.

  6. Ok...finally found it...its post 47. I added a tag called needle work...not really sure what this is called.

  7. I remember it now.
    They are generally called penny rugs. I call them candle mats or table runners.



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