February 21, 2010

Cherry Crisp

Just finished making these...I'm sure they wouldn't be on Weight Watchers menu! I haven't tried them yet. Bill says they are good but the crust is kind of rubbery. You use Grands flaking biscuits and cut each biscuit in half. Then you press them out in a circle and put them in a muffin pan. I was having trouble get them pressed into the cups, so I used my Pampered Chef roller and rolled them out. That might be why they came out a bit rubbery or I didn't bake them quite long enough. I don't know. I'll try them again someday.
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  1. No they are not on Weight Watchers but they sure look good.
    Nicely composed shot. Good work in the kitchen and behind the camera.
    Like your blue dishes.
    I have a post for tomorrow. Haven't had time today,had the family all here.

  2. They took a whole stick of butter. I finally had one for supper and they are good. I'm going to make them with apple pie filling the next time. I'm not sure why Bill thought the crust was rubbery....I'm thinking it was because he ate it when it was still pretty warm. They weren't rubbery when I ate them.
    This is a cup and saucer that Jerri Ann bought me for Christmas last year.



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