February 8, 2010

Valentine 2010

Here they are....nothing real special as I didn't have much time. Gavin was here helping me and he was a big help and we had fun. He let me know that the girls were a lot more special than the boys were...lol....I just couldn't come up with much for the boys that wasn't too girly for them. The bags are from Shabby Shoppe from the Valentine collection. Gavin and I made the basketball on the Cricut. It took us quite a bit of cutting before we figured out how to get the ball and swoosh lined up right. Gavin glued the balls together and then stapled and filled the bags.
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  1. Does he have one girl that is special to him or just all of them?????
    These turned out really cute and Gavin will be so proud to pass them out and brag that he help his Grammy to make them.
    I bought this kit and as of yet I haven't done a thing with it. If I'm going to get something in the mail I need to get on the stick.
    Nice work and a great image!

  2. LOL....absolutely no special girl...he says that stinks...he's never going to have a girlfriend. I can't wait to remind him of that statement...LOL.
    By saying the girls were special, he meant that granny was making the girls gifts a lot more special than the boys. I just couldn't figure out a Valentine treat for boys that wasn't girly.
    We are suppose to see the sun today but its definitely not out yet.

  3. I couldn't remember what he called you that is why I wrote Grammy.

  4. I just now came across the scrapnfont site and they had some adorable dingbat fonts for Valentines that would have worked great for the boys in Gavin's class. Now its too late! Oh, well, I've got it bookmarked for next year. I might go ahead and start making some of them so I'll be more prepared.



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