February 1, 2010

New Look

This is a few shots. A total turn around...went from white to black. It's still a work in progress.
I'll post more later.
The frames by Nancy Comelab and the rest from Shabby Princess.
Hope your MIL is doing better.
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  1. Looks really cool...love that coffee cup and Brent did a wonderful job on the buffet. I like those labels you used...

    MIL is out of the hospital and in the nursing home today. She is there for at least 90 days for therapy and then it all depends on how good she does. Bill doesn't really look for her to go back home. Heck, who knows, she just might like it...have folks waiting on her and people to visit with.

  2. BTW...your lamp is almost exactly like mine!

  3. Hope your MIL likes it at the nursing home.
    I thought my lamp was like yours. I need to pick up another shade to have on hand for my floor lamp when I get it painted black.

    The lable are from SP's new kit Clementine.
    That reminds me I took some shots of a clementime a couple of weeks ago and never did work one up to post.



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