February 22, 2010


Made these for all to eat on Sunday. So good, but I can't keep eating things like this. I guess the next ones I make will have to be Chocolate for Brent.
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  1. Yummy..looks good! I've lost 1.8 pounds but don't know how....maybe it was from that 20 minutes of shoveling yesterday to dig my package car out of those damn retired folks driveway! LOL.....I drive by nicely bladed driveways to deliver a package to someone who doesn't even bother to clear their path to their door..

  2. This retired folks drive is always cleaned from front to back after every snow and by hand most of the time.
    Brent and a couple of his neighborhood friends go up and down the street cleaning the drives of the ones that can't. One neighbor has a walk behind blower but they generally do it by hand.
    Hope they don't have to do it again this year.



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