December 28, 2009

Christmas Bokeh

Trying to get some good Christmas Bokeh.
This is post # 352 for me.
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  1. Very pretty! I've working on another image right now and will post later..I know I have not posted nearly as many as you have but have no clue as to how many....will have to check it out.
    This would make a pretty card too!

  2. I have been numbering my post in my saved files.
    I have a couple more to work on.

  3. Wow...not as far behind you as I would have guessed....339...but yours look much better than's really fascinating to look back at some of our first posts....we have come a long way from then. I guess they are correct....the more you practice the better you get. I know I look at composition more and I'm always looking for 'light' shots. Can you believe we've almost been at this for 2 years! Remember when I had to have you ask Brent about the shutter speeds? I couldn't figure them out. Now, I know the technique side but still don't always put it to practice. I wonder how far we will go in 2010?

  4. but yours look much better than mine....
    That's a bunch of bull!

    Yes we have learned alot but unfortunately my brain has a problem when I put the camera up to my eye and I can't remember anything. I think I have it right and then when I look at my images I see what I forgot.
    I was having trouble getting my focus to lock on the candle in my Christmas bokeh shot last night and I almost pasted out from holding my breath so long. LOL....Can't breath and hold the camera still maybe that's why my brain doesn't work. Plus I part of me was on the floor and the rest was on the couch. I'm to old for this stuff.

  5. No bull....just fact. I'm just glad I have your images to inspire me.
    I'm just like you....I forget everything I know as soon as my eye hits the viewfinder. I always get in such a hurry and it kills me that I can no longer get down like I could. I keep hoping it will come back but its been almost a year and its still not happening. And I've tried everything to hold the camera steady but it never seems to work. I think that is why I like using the freezes the motion.



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