December 31, 2009

Thank You Card

These were such fun to make...made me realize how much I miss crafting and designing. I didn't design any of these...I have subscribed to a Card magazine for a couple years now and I just searched till I found some that I thought I could make up and had the supplies for. Makes me really wish I had spent more time learning how to use my Expression. I got things done with it but knowledge would have been a good assistant...LOL. The only thing I really used the computer for was to make my papers and to print out the sentiments. I ended up with 5 cards, so that's not bad for one days work...really I made up 6 but sending one to Tori for her new baby that was born last week. I probably could have got another one done but knew it would take me a couple hours to clean the house back up. I'm a neat freak until it comes to crafting and then I have it spread in every room. I'd give anything to have one big room with all my stuff in it. Right now, my computer and printer are in the family room (lap top is in the living room), the Expression, cutting board, binder and laminator are in the laundry room and most of my supplies are in the hall closet.
I've got a couple more to post and then need to get some supper started and packing done.
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