December 13, 2009

Just playing around

The images are from last year. Haven't taken any shots of the tree yet this year.
Was working on tutorial from DD on layers mask. Background papers and frame from DD. The
staple from DDE. The rest mine.
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  1. this is beautiful, Nita....sorry its taken me so long to reply...we are busy as hell and I'm sick as a dog...its all I can do to get through the day. I called in this morning to warn the boss that I might not make it all day...

  2. Thanks....Sorry to hear you are sick. Flu or what? Hope you are better soon.

  3. Worse! I'm offically an old lady now...I've got shingles!!! Talk about painful...its all I can do to get through the glad this is Friday, so I can rest a couple days.

  4. So Sorry....I have heard that they are very painful but I didn't know you had to be an old lady to get them. Make sure you rest over the week end. I know you will. LOL
    Take care and don't do to much.



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