December 31, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This card is a complete design by Sandy Osborn...I just love her work and purchase as much of it as I can afford. I made up two of these...the other one says 'Thank You" on the front. I left the inside blank so they can write what they want to. I cut the leaves out separately and attached them with pop dots and the added glitter. I really like this card the best of all of them..Now I can't wait to have another free weekend to make some more.
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  1. Haven't been on any for several days. Been spending some time at the hospital and trying to get my Christmas put away.
    You did a great job on these cards. I think it would be a fun hobby.

  2. Thanks! They were a big hit at the Christmas dinner. Mom got the House of Cards. We draw numbers and she drew number 1 and picked my package. No one would steal it from her....LOL..
    How is your MIL doing? Sorry to hear she is in the hospital over the holidays. My aunt died right after Christmas....she had a stomach aneurysm and wouldn't let them operate. She was 87 and ready to go.

  3. Sorry to hear about your aunt.
    It will be just a matter of days with my MIL.

  4. My thoughts and prayers for you and Brent. I know we will all have to go through this but I dread the day when my MIL and mom and dad have to leave us.



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