December 11, 2009

Silent Victors

Just another image I've been working up for a B/W...still not good enough to send in. I can't seem to get them sharp enough and I'm using my tripod but according to Peter, I focus to close but he doesn't explain how to change that. I really like these foggy shots....especially in B/W. We got tons of snow...its been a real challenge to walk out the door each morning. I'm so far behind now that I could leave the left over deliveries on my truck and have a full day of work and not load a single new delivery. The boss is saying no help till next week...ugh!
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1 comment:

  1. I like the image but it's hard for me to see just how sharp it is. What aperture are you using?
    Sorry you have snow. We've had flurries but that's it. The brown truck has been stopping here about every day.



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