December 27, 2009

Holiday Memories

Just might use this for my Christmas card next year....took it this afternoon when I was putting decorations away. I never did get a photo of the house all lit up. Just too tired to do it at night when I got home. One more Christmas...then I'm calling it quits! I'll work next Christmas and then retire the end of November of 2011. (I hope!)
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  1. This is lovely and would make a wonderful Christmas card for next year.
    Love the way the light is hitting the wreath.
    Everything about this is perfect.

  2. Thanks....not bad considering I was in by bare feet without a coat on....was afraid I'd lose the light if I took the time. I just happened to look out the patio door as the sunshine was striking it...grabbed the camera and out I went. I just might start printing some of these up...add the gingham bow with real ribbon and not digital.

  3. Sounds good. If you start now you will be ready next year but if you are like me you will forget you have them.
    You must be home sick today.

  4. Nope, I have today off...asked for the whole week but can't get tomorrow unless they turn up a lot lighter then he thinks they will. Going to the dr. this afternoon to get some meds for this icky stuff...its beginning to heal but not fast enough. I'm like you, I'm afraid....will completely forget about this until its too late to get anything made up. I haven't even made up Jerri Ann's calendar yet....I've never been this bad at Christmas....



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