December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Mosaic

A few shots of our Christmas Eve this year.
Jessi and her cousins got these adorable hats and scarves from Aunt Pam and Uncle Randy and of course they had to model them.
I think Jason needed some new socks. I had to darn the ones he had on with the clone brush.
Zach was so excited this year he could hardly stand still, but that really isn't anything different he never stands still.
Don't you just love the shot of the trash that was left behind.
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  1. Looks like the kids had a grand ole time. We are all done here except for the trip to my folks this coming weekend. I've already got the inside decorations down and trees carried to the basement. All I have to do is pack up the stuff off the trees and the Santas and put them away. I was really energetic this morning but it left me before I got the packing done. I need to get at it again or we won't be able to eat supper cause they are all piled on the dining room table and bar. LOL...feeling a little better but still not up to 100%. I will have to work one day this week (unless I call in sick)and I'm dreading that one day...we got almost a foot of snow with 6 to 9 foot drifts. Ugh....
    Jesse is turning into a beautiful girl. Love those hats!

  2. I'm glad I don't have to hurry and take all of mine down. Worked to hard getting it all up so I like to enjoy it as long as I can. I'll probably start taking it down after New Years.
    Still want to take a few pictures.
    Yes,the kids had a great time and Jessi is beautiful just like her mom. The hats were a big hit. Pam did good.



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