December 5, 2009

First Snowfall - 1

No playing around with this one. Just did a crop and resize.
Snowflakes from DDE.
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  1. Love this! We are suppose to get a dusting today before we get dumped on this coming Tuesday. They are calling for HEAVY snow and I am totally bummed out. It gets harder and harder for me to drive in this stuff and I dread it more and more as each year passes. I so wanted to have a Christmas peak without the white stuff...its been 2 years now since we were able to deliver without snow. If also suppose to stay really cold (below freezing) for the next week, so it won't be melting away as fast as it comes. Boohoooo...

  2. Thanks I liked it. This is in the yard across the street from me.
    No more snow today but it got down into the teens last night.



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